Wildwood Furniture Solutions - Manufacturing Network
Wildwood Furniture Solutions - Manufacturing Network

Manufacturing Network

Finding the right manufacturer can be a difficult and time consuming process. With Wildwood, you have immediate access to our network of proven manufacturers. You can trust us to match your specific project needs with the manufacturer who possesses the right balance of capacity, tooling, service, quality & people to get the job done properly.

American Made Products

We offer True American Made Products, not just imported and assembled. There is a BIG difference. Contact us for more information.

Imported Products

While we search for domestically made products first, often times product styles or budgets call for imported products.

  • We have developed a proven and trusted network of overseas manufacturers. We visit and vet each factory, and ensure those products are built to our high quality standards.

Table Bases

Table bases can often be problematic. We combined our experience, capital and resources to develop a stamped steel base that eliminates the frustrating issues that can arise from low quality table bases. Contact us for more info.